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About Sprayology

About Sprayology

Sprayology marries science and time-honored natural medicine with convenience and innovation to enhance healing and well-being naturally. Sprayology re-defines wellness and makes it easy to incorporate natural products into your daily life for better health naturally.

The Mission

To help people feel better naturally by providing quality, effective, easy to use wellness products.


Homeopathy was created over 200 years ago. Today homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Traditional or conventional medicine (most common in the US) is fourth worldwide. However, in the US, until recently, homeopathy had remained relatively unknown and often thought of as alternative. Sprayology was founded to change that and to bring natural and effective options for daily vibrant health to mainstream America and beyond. The world has changed and it is important to think back 10 years to see these changes. Ten years ago prescription medicines marketed on TV were not required to disclose potential side effects, stress was not commonly accepted as a health risk, retreating to a spa was considered just a luxury and not preventative and natural products could only be found in health food retail locations. Today's consumer needs have changed all of this, and at Sprayology we are doing our part to help guide wellness in a sensible and healthy direction.

Our Founding

Sprayology was founded over ten years ago because of the needs of its founders who were dealing with physical disillusionment, aging, illness and a lack of natural options to help them live better. Founding sisters Patti Connell and Ellie Whalen believed at the core they were healthy, but were both taking multiple conventional medicines daily to deal with asthma, fatigue and stress. They realized that they were still not experiencing the health they were seeking. While searching for options they realized that homeopathy and natural products in general where not easy to understand, consistently effective or enjoyable to use. These experiences and their desire to modernize homeopathy led to the foundation of Sprayology. The sisters chose homeopathy as their daily option to become healthier because it is effective, safe, has no side effects and can be taken with other medicines. They created Sprayology so to raise the bar and make the experience of using homeopathy both effective and enjoyable.

Today & Tomorrow

As Sprayology continues to grow it is led by its founding inspiration and core direction. We will always strive to bring innovative and healthy options to our loyal and growing customer base. Sprayology has the experience, passion and drive to create healthier options for the fast-paced lifestyle of today's family. Better Health is Beautiful with Sprayology!