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FDA - Regulated

Homeopathic drugs in the United States are subject to well-defined regulatory processes that more closely resemble those that apply to allopathic medications than to dietary supplements.

Homeopathic products are under similar regulations as allopathic drugs. Homeopathic products are considered by the FDA as over-the-counter drugs with legal status and can be sold without a doctor's prescription. Homeopathic medicines are prepared and marketed in accordance with FDA Compliance Policy Guide No. 7132.15. Manufacturers of homeopathic medicines are registered with the FDA and licensed by state regulatory agencies. Homeopathic products can legally tell you the benefits and indications of such products.

Remedies are required to meet certain legal standards for strength, quality, purity, and packaging. In 1988, the FDA required that all homeopathic remedies list the indications for their use (i.e., the medical problems to be treated) on the label. The FDA also requires the label to list ingredients, dilutions, and instructions for safe use.

The guidelines for homeopathic remedies are found in an official guide, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, which is authored by a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization of industry representatives and homeopathic experts.




FDA-Regulated (what is this?)
Temporarily relieves the symptoms of allergies and hay fever including:

  • runny nose
  • itchy eyes
  • rash
  • headache and sneezing

Recommended for: those who want fast acting, holistic relief from allergy
related symptoms and discomfort.

1.38 oz bottle _________________
Product Benefits

The therapeutic benefits of the ingredients described below are from clinical evidence reported in the major homeopathic materia medicas accepted throughout the world.

SYMPTOMS RELIEVED by the following ingredients:

Runny Nose

  • Allium Cepa (Red Onion)
  • Sanguinaria (Blood-Root, Puccoon)
  • Histaminum Hydrochloricum (Histamine)

Itchy Eyes

  • Allium Cepa (Red Onion)
  • Euphrasia (Eyebright)


  • Lycopodium (Clubmoss)
  • Rhus Tox (Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Mercury Vine)
  • Urtica Ur (Nettle)

Headache and sneezing

  • Gelsemium (Yellow Jessamine)
  • Baptisia (Wild Indigo)
  • Aralia Rac (Spikenard)
  • Sabadilla (Cebadilla, Cevadilla)
  • Arundo (Reed)
  • Apis Mel (Honey Bee)

Allium cepa 6X, Apis mel 3X, Aralia rac 6X, Arundo 30C, Baptisia 3X, Echinacea 4X, Euphrasia 6X, Gelsemium 200C, Histaminum hydrochloricum 12X, Lycopodium 6X, Rhus tox 200C, Sabadilla 6X, Sanguinaria 200C, Urtica ur 3X, 200C.

Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin 10% v/v, Organic Alcohol 9% v/v, Purified Water.

NDC # 60196-0003-1


Adults and children over 12: 2 sprays under the tongue each 30 minutes as needed for symptom relief the first day, 2 sprays 3 times a day thereafter.  

Ages 2 to 12: 1 spray under the tongue each 30 minutes as needed for symptom relief the first day, 1 spray 3  times a day thereafter.

Under the age of 2: consult a health care professional.

Note: it is safe to use as needed for symptom relief up to each 30 minutes even after the first day, up to 6 times a day.

If Pregnant or nursing a baby, consult a health care professional before using. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if transparent seal around the spray bottle is broken or missing.


Dear Sprayology,

I want to thank Gayle for insisting in spraying my skin's hives with AllergEase during last year's Skin Conference in Fort Lauderdale.

I let her spray me just to be nice but with no hopes that a little spray could do anything for me. You see, I have been 3 times already with a prednisone course and nonstop anti-histamines trying to control my itchy and swelling hives all over my body and face. My urticaria is something I've been dealing with for close to thirty years, so as you can imagine, I did not have high, if any, expectations.

That first spray did not do anything for me as I had suspected. I saw Gayle again the following day where she sprayed me again, this time putting some under my tongue as well. I went about my business, without giving it further thought.

A few hours later, driving back to Orlando, I noticed my hives were not itching and they were fading. I could not believe it!

As you can imagine the first thing I did was to call and place an order. After 3 months my allergies totally disappear. No more itching and swelling all over. What a relief!

I am extremely grateful to Gayle for introducing me to Sprayology. -Rosa

"Ever since I can remember, I have had at least one bout a year with allergy-induced bronchitis/pneumonia that required heavy-duty antibiotics to clear up. I can only attribute this year's sick-free history to my use of AllergEase and ImmunoBooster. What a relief!" Chrissie

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we love your products. I was first exposed to your line through a spa I worked for. It was a really old building and I was apparently very allergic to it and so the director told me to try your Allergease. After the first week I was shocked at how well it worked. I put both of my kids on it (then Two and Four years old). It wasn’t long before I realized I wasn’t using my asthma inhaler and neither was my son! We’ve now been on it for 3 years and only use an inhaler maybe twice a year. Needless to say we are big fans! More recently I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue so I have begun using Body Balance. So far so good. It’s reduced my symptoms by about 50%. Our results have been so good that my whole family now enjoys your products as do my friends, students and clients. Keep up the great work!" Nicole

"I have a real problem with tickling in my throat which causes unstoppable coughing - especially in the middle of the night.  I now keep AllergEase by my bedside and in 30 seconds after spraying the coughing stops!!  I also keep one in my handbag and one in my car - I don't go anywhere without it -‚Ä®it's amazing!" L.

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